We're Lowering Our Standards When It Comes To Online Dating

The coronavirus has caused a lot of people to really think about their life, and for single folks, many are realizing they really don’t want to be single anymore. According to a new RealMe survey:

  • 67% of those polled admit they are “less okay” being single right now due to loneliness.
  • A similar amount is more worried about finding a partner than they were before.
  • 64% of folks say they have lowered their standards and are becoming less picky when looking for an online match because they really want companionship.

The poll also finds:

  • If social distancing continues much longer, more than half of singles plan to use dating apps more frequently.
  • Millennials are the most likely to go to the apps more (64%).
  • 72% of those looking for love online are feeling more hesitant to meet someone in person.
  • 76% plan to invest more time talking to online matches.
  • A third are committed to having more meaningful conversations with matches, even after the pandemic is over.

Source:Yahoo Finance

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