Quick Relationship Fixes With Long Term Results

This lockdown situation has been the ultimate stress test on relationships and if you’re in a rut with yours, you’re not alone. Every relationship has its problems, but luckily, most of them can get worked out with a little time, effort, and a lotta love. Here are a few scientifically-backed strategies to get things back on track:

  • Take a slow start-up to conflict. Men may be the more sensitive ones in the relationship. According to Drs. John and Julie Gottman, research shows that women who ease into difficult conversations with their man get better results than ladies who just put them on blast. Men tend to trigger their “fight or flight” responses pretty quickly, and once those engage, it’s tough to pull back.
  • Take influence from your partner.Want to turn things around at home? It’s as easy as listening. Studies have found that men who pay attention to their partner and incorporate their wants, wishes, and points of view into their life together have happier and healthier relationships. So yes, you’re going to have to really start reading those texts that require more than one scroll to get through.
  • Think about the underlying issues.If you want that thing you two always fight about to stop being “a thing” you’ll need to take a walk in your partner's shoes. When people really listen and understand what’s driving their boo, the arguments usually go from nasty to soft. There’s a pretty good chance you both have similar wants and needs out of the relationship, and the sooner you can accept theirs, the faster you’ll be able to get back to playful fights instead of the barnburners you’re having now.

Source:Psychology Today