1 In 6 Participating In Work Conference Calls...From The Toilet?!?

If you’ve been thinking the people in your work Zoom calls that use a background image are hiding something,you might be right. But what they’re hiding is worse than you imagined. It’s not a dirty house, and it’s not that they’ve skipped off to quarantine on a tropical island. What they might be hiding is that they’re phoning in from the potty.

A new poll has found one in six people are actually taking the conference call from the bathroom and it’s even more common with our generation. That’s gross, but not all that surprising considering how much time we spend using technology there. The survey found:

  • a whopping 92% of folks take their mobile phone to the bathroom
  • 60% said it was for social media purposes,
  • ...while another 49% said it was for checking the news.Shocking right? Tough to believe 8% of people go in there with just their thoughts.

Not grossed out yet? This’ll fix that. The study also found one in 25 people have actually eaten food while sitting on the toilet. And interestingly, it’s more likely to be women than men.Dudes have always wondered what women were doing in there for so long and apparently, it’s a four-course meal.

  • Check out some more interesting bathroom behavior stats, including some not so great handwashing numbers,HERE.

Source:Study Finds