Opening Lines To Use On Dating Apps That Actually Work

If you’ve been striking out with online dating, it might be time to update your approach. Look, we know that first message you send a match can make or break things, so no pressure, but your opening lines better be mint. Here are a few that’ll get you much further than ‘sup?’:

  • “What's Your Theme Song?” Questions are a great way to go right off the bat to get the conversation rolling and this one can help you learn a lot about your potential boo. You’ll get an idea of their music taste and you can dig into why they picked it to get a preview of their personality.Plus, if their “theme song” is the same as yours, that has to be a sign, right?
  • “How Would You Describe Yourself in Three Words? How Would Your Friends Describe You In Three Words?” It should be pretty interesting to find out how in sync their three-word description is with their buddies. Add those in with their bio and you’ll be getting a much better picture of this internet stranger.
  • “What's The Worst Date You've Ever Been On?” If you want to have better luck getting an answer for this one, share your worst date first. It’s a great way to get them comfortable with opening up to you and score some sympathy points at the same time. It also lets them know exactly what not to do on your first date IRL.
  • “What's The Worst Nickname You've Ever Been Given?” Nicknames are usually given for a reason. You’re either going to get a great story from them, bring up some trauma, or maybe both.

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