Boyfriend Gets Wrong Message Inscribed On GF’s Gift

A guy is learning the hard way that it’s always important to double-check everything. Daniel Varey was buying a birthday gift for his girlfriend and wanted to personalize it with a sweet message to make it extra special. But it seems when he placed the order, he wasn’t paying close attention and he didn’t realize the mistake until it was too late.

Varey wanted to order a gin glass with an inscription reading: “Happy 30th birthday princess, love you millions.” But instead the glass arrived with the message: “Can we have it delivered before Monday if possible as that’s her 30th. Nice one.” He guesses he somehow mixed up the inscription with the message intended for the delivery driver when placing the order. And the gift came wrapped, so he didn’t even know about the mistake until his girlfriend, Haley, unwrapped it.

When she saw the present, he says she burst out crying with laughter. He was offended at first, until she showed him the glass. And even though it wasn’t the sentimental message he intended to give her, she still appreciated it. Varey says, “The gin glass 100% cheered her up” and that’s all that really matters.

Source:Fox News

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