Froggy's Wife Lisa Hilariously Freaked Over Cockroach In Kitchen - (Listen)

Froggy's Wife Discovered A Roach - Elvis Duran and the Morning Show

Froggy's wife Lisa had an adorable meltdown this morning when she discovered a huge roach in their kitchen at home. In a panic, she called Froggy during the morning show asking what to do! "She's been texting me, losing her mind," Froggy told Elvis Duran before they dialed Lisa into the show. 

She originally thought it was dead, but then the antennas started moving and the dogs wanted to play with it! Eventually, she put a fence of shoes around the bug and said she was leaving to stay in a hotel. LOL."Can you throw it in the microwave and turn it on high?" Elvis joked about terminating the invader!

Even our listener Michelle defended Lisa's freakout on Facebook: 

Listen to the hilarious on-air conversation about the cockroach below!

Image Source: (phone and roach) Getty Images

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