Everything EB bought last month

Okay, this might be the most miraculous month in the history of me having a credit card. I only placed TWO ORDERS all month! I didn't even buy anything new for my vacation! I bought a couple more things to try and relieve my back pain, and something with a gift card! [Okay I also bought a few things for my friend for her birthday but THOSE DON'T COUNT!]

BUT... if you're interested in how I spend my money, here's a look at where it went:

  • An acupressure mat... it's not comfortable, but I do think it's at least helped me sleep better. And as uncomfortable as it is in the moment, it also feels good somehow?
  • A massage hook/cane. This is fantastic if you do have specific knots. I press it on them for a couple seconds and they're relieved for at least several hours.
  • An over the door neck relief contraption. I'll be honest, I haven't tried this yet... but I posted it on my story thinking it was a joke and got SO MANY replies about how it's actually amazing... so... I'll set it up this weekend... I think.
  • High-waisted paperback shorts. Shorts shopping sucks, especially this year, but hot damn these are COMFY.

Self control... what a wild thing.

[I've already ordered more than 4 things for this month so... wait a couple weeks]