Annika Wells has fantastic bucket lists

If you're in need of a fun new anthem that inspires you to live live to the fullest and have FUN with it all, Annika Wells has created it, with "F*** Being Sober." Or, for radio purposes- "Sucks Being Sober."

When you watch the video, you'll see her drinking out of shampoo bottles, Ice'ing her friends, running around in shopping carts, and acting silly in all of the ways- only some of which she actually does. [The shampoo bottle was new for her.]

It's the story behind the lyrics and the video with her BFFs that I like the most, though. She lives a life with best friends who are not in the music world, but they still support each other 24/7 and are there for the biggest moments. They were there to celebrate her songs being recorded by the Jonas Brothers and BTS... to see her on tour with Illenium... and to create bucket lists throughout life. When I asked her what's on them, I imagined there were the typical items, but I absolutely love one she talked about- standing outside of a high school classmate's home in the morning with pump-up-signs because she was having a tough time. HOW BEAUTIFUL IS THAT?!

You know when you talk to people and you just love their energy and want to have it in your life more? That's how I felt during/after talking to Annika. Sure, she has great stories about writing music for people like the Jonas Brothers and BTS, but it's the bond she makes with her besties and Illenium that I wanna hear more about!

So take a listen to our chat below, then show her some love! Her music video is also below... unedited so make sure you're not blasting it around Mom.