What to expect at an MLB game this year

Some people have been lucky enough to go to some sporting events in other states, but not where I am. We just started dreaming of the possibility a month or two ago... and now it's about to actually happen in stadiums all around the country!

For the Washington Nationals, where I got a tour of everything to expect, there will be 5,000 fans in attendance for Opening Day and this first home stand. [They're hoping to increase capacity by the second round of home games!]

I assume most people just want to see the pictures like I do, so check them out, with some more explanations of all of the new rules and guidelines below!


  • You will only have digital tickets, via the MLB Ballpark app
  • You'll have a color coded ticket to tell you which entrance you MUST use to enter AND exit
  • Gates open two hours before the game to prevent lines
  • Masks, of course, required. NOT ALLOWED: bandanas, gaiters, and exhalation vents. You will be removed if your mask is not covering your nose and mouth outside of your seat.
  • No bags allowed unless they are small clutches, diaper bags, or ADA regulated bags
  • As of now, only season plan holders are getting tickets directly from the team, but there are some up for resale on StubHub.
  • They will have giveaways upon entry for many games throughout April, and EVERY attendee is guaranteed the giveaway. No need to rush in!


  • You can not stand in the concourse unless you are actively getting food, drink, or going to the bathroom
  • You must secure seats in pods of 1-6 people. They are already designated and spread apart from other pods by at least 6 feet/a couple rows. Seats that are not allowed to be occupied are zip-tied up.
  • Water fountains are closed, but they do have touchless water bottle fillers you can use.
  • The playground will be closed
  • Stores will be open at limited capacity inside and no clothing try-ons
  • Family picnic area is open with tables six feet apart
  • Cash is discouraged... you can exchange cash for Nats Bucks at machines throughout the park
  • There won't be a t-shirt toss, or photo opportunities with the Presidents, but they will race!


  • You can only eat or drink while in your seat
  • All food will have covered containers to prevent contamination while walking to your seat
  • Mobile ordering makes it easy/quick... you can find QR codes at the location, or access every restaurant from your seat on the MLB Ballpark app
  • Condiments are served with touchless machines! You point at what you want, and it dispenses.
  • Check out some of the new selections in the park:


  • They're raising the World Series flag and acknowledging the new pennants, as well as playing some highlights from the championship season.
  • There will be a flyover!
  • They have a new GIANT mural, with the trophy, inside the club area. This alone might be worth paying for those tickets.

For more information, check out Nationals.com/welcomehome