FINNEAS' Heartwarming Anniversary Tribute To Claudia Sulewski Is A Must-See

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FINNEAS penned a touching tribute to his girlfriend, Claudia Sulewski, to celebrate their fourth anniversary, and it will make your heart melt.

The "What They'll Say About Us" singer took to Instagram on Thursday (September 22) to shared a sweet message to his longtime love. He included several photos of the pair from different moments in their relationship, from one pic where he gave Sulewski a kiss while she held a sparkler to a snap of her cuddling with a dog and smiling at the camera.

"You'd have to scour the globe to try to find someone equally as talented, creative and hard working as you are, my love," he wrote. "Then you'd have to do it a second time to try to find someone as kind, thoughtful and generous. A third time to find someone as funny, a fourth to find someone as loving, a fifth to find someone as beautiful. How you manage to be every one of these things all at once, will forever be the impossibility of you. Happy anniversary, Baby, I love the hell out of you."

Sulewski responded to her boyfriend's declaration by telling him, "your vows are going to destroy me." Not to be outdone, she shared her own sweet tribute to FINNEAS and even more photos on her Instagram, writing that it is "impossible to love another human being more."

"I aspire to navigate and look at life the way that you do," she said. "to create with a fraction of the enthusiasm and wonder you have. to love with the amount of vulnerability and depth that you love."

She added, "i continue to raise the question if you were meticulously created in a lab of experts because you are just THAT perfect? 🧬 thank god we have the rest of our lives. i WILL get to the bottom of this. happy anniversary to my forever. what an honor it is to love you."

According to Elle Australia, FINNEAS and Sulewski met on a dating app in 2018 and quickly became close, per E! News. The Optimist musician even reportedly wrote the song "Claudia" after getting home from their first date.

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