Reel Talk: Six Fun Podcasts For Movie Fans

Cinema Enthusiasts

Everyone loves a good movie (or roasting a bad one, thank you Cats reviews), and there are plenty of podcasts out there by movie fans for movie fans that have a lot of fun talking about the big-screen storytelling we love. So here’s some of the best, from podcasts who pitch completely fictional films to Hollywood-at-large or read screenplays that were never made (for good reason!) to shows that trade trivia, wonder how bad concepts get the greenlight, or focus exclusively on the extra-cheesy offerings from Hallmark and Lifetime. So if you like talking about movies, thinking about movies, and most importantly, laughing about movies, there’s a podcast on this list for you!

Famously stoned comedian Doug Benson loves movies! So on Doug Loves Movies, he hangs out with fellow comedians in front of a live audience for hilarious, ridiculous conversations full of trivia, games, celebrity impressions, fantasy castings, and more. Guaranteed to make any movie fan split their seams.

Hilarious improvisers Ed, Tom, and Reuben (“the least qualified men in the business”) ask their friends and fans for fake movie titles, then improvise a movie pitch for it. Laugh until you cry over these completely fictional screenplays for titles like Vampire Campfire, Space Bodyssey, That’s Not Our Horse, Ten Dollar Time Machine, Murder Beach, and many more, and say thank you to You’re Welcome, Hollywood.

The films of Lifetime and Hallmark are a category unto themselves, sometimes requiring a lot of unpacking. A Lifetime of Hallmark hosts Les, Kurt, and Jason are here to help! They take on all the cringe-worthy dialogue, makeover montages, psycho strippers, questionable wigs, feeble plot points, and of course the copious Christmas movies, leaving no fat-baby-shaming or gingerbread-house-classism stone unturned.

Trying to figure out how (and why) a bad movie gets to the big screen is a perennial puzzle, and How Did This Get Made hosts Paul Scheer, June Diane Raphael, and Jason Mantzoukas tackle them all with side-splitting results. Whether it’s 1994 erotic thriller Disclosure, Paris Hilton’s 2008 vehicle The Hottie And the Nottie, or the Ben Affleck box office bust Reindeer Games, these hosts give us a great time as they ponder how these serious stinkers somehow made it to the silver screen.

And then there are some movies so bad they actually never make it out of the drafts drawer, but they can still be a lot of fun to read – and roast. From Joss Whedon’s Wonder Woman script to Nick Cave’s Gladiator 2 to a version of Lord of the Rings where Frodo and Galadriel get physical, Table Reads faithfully records the failed efforts of screenwriters to hilarious effect.

If it’s one thing Hollywood has always been good at, it’s portraying women realistically on film! ...Right? No? Well, that's why we need The Bechdel Cast. Hosts Caitlin Durante and Jaime Loftus dive into everything from 1995’s Now and Then and Sarah Connor in Terminator 2 to contemporary fare like Cats and Little Women, taking a hard look at the good and bad of how we depict chicks in flicks. 

Bonus episode! Speaking of women in film, since the Oscars this year neglected to nominate any women in the directing category, take some time to reflect on the hard road of trailblazing female filmmakers with this episode of Stuff Mom Never Told You about the first female directors in Hollywood history.

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