Sisanie Recaps Her Trip to Singapore, Running Into Henry Golding!


Crazy rich … coincidence!? Sisanie jetted off to Singapore with her husband Michael for spring break and ended up running into Crazy Rich Asians’ Henry Golding at the airport! 

Sis shared on-air on Monday, March 25, that she not only ran into Golding, who plays Nick Young in the Oscar-nominated film, but also radio legend Casey Kasem’s son Mike!

“I’d never been to Asia, that was the longest flight I’d ever taken and that was the longest we’d ever left Aiza and Maxon,” Sis recalled to Ryan, revealing she ran into Kasem’s son while at a dinner party hosted by a local. 

“They set up one night where I actually went to a local’s home and she cooked for us,” Sis shared. “… So we get there … and she basically created a little dinner party … and then we get through diner and [Ryan Seacrest and American Top 40 and more] got brought up … and he goes, ‘My dad created that show, my dad is Casey Kasem,’” Sis recalled of Mike. 


After spending the week exploring Singapore, Sis and Michael landed back in Los Angeles and ran into none other than Golding! 

“As soon as we land in LA, guess who I see at baggage claim? Henry Golding!” Sis exclaimed. “… He was super nice, by the way, because who wants to talk to anyone after an 18 hour flight at baggage claim?”

Listen back to the audio above for more, including to hear Ryan’s own embarrassing flight moment that involved a nudity scene on the show he was streaming. 


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